About project

Overall objective of this action is to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector by the economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage, while the specific objective is to include local gastronomy of cross-border area into overall tourism offer.  The aim is, to summarize, to represent local cultural heritage, represented in the local cuisine, in overall tourism offer, and to provide guests an insight in local traditions through local gastronomy. 

This aim will be achieved through activities grouped around three results:

Result 1: Traditional local recipes included in the offer of local tourism industry – the activities of this result are focused on proper research of old, traditional dishes authentic for the region, and their preservation and utilization in local restaurants and rural households offering tourism services. The aim is to revive some of the forgotten dishes and train local chefs and cooks in preparing them, so that these dishes can find their place in the menus of local hotels and restaurants.  

Result 2: Thematic, gastronomy routes created. The activities in this group are gathered around the concept of creating tourism product that is focused on gastronomy. These activities are targeting local, rural households who produce specific, traditional products or prepare traditional dishes, whose conditions for providing services will be improved through improved tasting areas in their households.

Result 3: Local gastronomy offer promoted and marketed. Promotion of local gastronomy is currently not done in targeted area, as gastronomy offer is not properly integrated in tourism offer. To ensure that project activities are sustainable, it will be necessary to conduct a wide promotional campaign. The intention is to develop promotional videos dedicated to local cuisine and gastronomy routes, to arrange a familiarization trip for specific international journalists specialized in gastro offer, to organize a gastro fair in targeted region, and to present local gastro offer at international tourism fair, as part of regular National tourism organisation activities, this time with specific focus on the local cuisine as cultural heritage of the region.